MDX Studio Quick Tips

Recently I had to use MDX Studio for some MDX query tuning. 2 quick tips:

Also very quickly, if you are finding that the Perfmon section in MDX Studio shows 0 for most values such as ‘Cells calculated’ then try running the MDXStudio.exe with the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Also take a look at Ashwani Roy’s SQL Bits session ‘Supercharge MDX performance using MDX Studio’ which is available from


TEMENOS T24 Core Banking Optimized on Microsoft SQL Server Database Platform

I found these links today in response to a customer question around ‘real world’ benchmarks for financial applications running on SQL Server. These benchmarks describe the TEMENOS T24 Core Banking system, which is probably as ‘real world’ as it gets.–with-SQL-Server-2008-R2-on-Intel_2D00_based-NEC-Servers.pdf


Parallel Data Warehouse resources

I’ve recently started learning about SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) appliance. In the course of learning, I came across some links and resources in connection with this appliance, which I will share in this blog post. I will keep it updated as much as possible.

Learning resources:

Community blog posts:

I will continue to gather links and post them here as I come across them. In the meantime, I hope the above help you!

SQLDiag Configuration Tool released


My colleague and friend, boB Taylor (the spelling is not a typo – please visit and see why) has recently released a GUI tool which allows you to configure the XML files required for SQLDiag to capture specific types of events, counters etc.)

Download it from

Please review, test, blog about it and provide feedback as you see fit.

bOB blogs at OpsVault. His posts can be easily retrieved from

OPTION(RECOMPILE) redux (a.k.a. Parameter Embedding Optimization not working)

A long time ago, I had blogged about the perils of ‘wildcard’ query patterns. As a response to one of the comments in that post, I learnt about a new optimization introduced in SQL 2008 wherein the OPTION (RECOMPILE) hint would help in these kind of cases. Ever since then, I had used this in some customers; but recently, I found that on SQL 2008 R2 and even in SQL 2008 SP1, the behavior was not working correctly.

Recently, I found the reason for this issue from some other sites, and I also found the official name for this enhancement: Parameter Embedding Optimization. It turns out that, based on some bug reports, this optimization was disabled starting in SQL 2008 CU4 (and also disabled in SQL 2008 R2 RTM). The fixes for the issue are in SQL 2008 SP1 CU5 and SQL 2008 R2 CU5 respectively.

Here are the links which cover the details, and I hope they help you! without address bar

Recently we were struggling with trying to figure out how to suppress the address bar for a popup window opened using JavaScript’s method. Normally, there is an option there which allows you to specify ‘location=no’ and the address bar is expected to be hidden. However, no matter what we tried, this did not work for us.

Later on I chanced upon an Internet Explorer setting which actually controls the final display. There is a security setting ‘Allow websites to open windows without address or status bar’:


This setting needs to be set to ‘Enable’ for the respective zone (such as Trusted sites etc.) for the address bar display to be suppressed.

Hope this hint helps!