MDX Studio Quick Tips

Recently I had to use MDX Studio for some MDX query tuning. 2 quick tips:

Also very quickly, if you are finding that the Perfmon section in MDX Studio shows 0 for most values such as ‘Cells calculated’ then try running the MDXStudio.exe with the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Also take a look at Ashwani Roy’s SQL Bits session ‘Supercharge MDX performance using MDX Studio’ which is available from


TEMENOS T24 Core Banking Optimized on Microsoft SQL Server Database Platform

I found these links today in response to a customer question around ‘real world’ benchmarks for financial applications running on SQL Server. These benchmarks describe the TEMENOS T24 Core Banking system, which is probably as ‘real world’ as it gets.–with-SQL-Server-2008-R2-on-Intel_2D00_based-NEC-Servers.pdf