Hosting ReportServer catalog DBs on older version of SQL database engine

A FAQ we get is whether it is supported to have the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB (catalog databases used in SSRS) on an older version of SQL Server (as compared to the version used on SSRS.) Here is the summary answer along with the reference links:

For SSRS 2012, it is supported to install the catalog databases on versions all the way down to SQL 2005. Reference:

For SSRS 2008 & R2, the same story – catalog DB can be all the way down to SQL 2005. Reference There is a ‘other versions’ link on this page, use that to navigate to the reference for SQL 2008 and 2005 as well.

One topic related to this is when you have SSRS 2008 R2 in the SharePoint 2010 ‘Connected Mode’. Please refer to the blog post for more details on this scenario.

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