Effective technical presentations: a mind-map

Over the last year I’ve been fortunate enough to be trained by some top-notch professionals from the world of media and big-stage events on how to deliver world-class sessions – whether it be a multi-day training, a short TechEd session, an online meeting or webcast, or even a video recording.

From those trainings and also from my experiences delivering and coaching my fellow colleagues to deliver world-class technical sessions, I’ve seem many patterns emerge. Some of these are ‘must-do’ items and some of them are ‘do NOT do this’ type items.

So over time, I’ve been putting together a mind-map of what can help us make great technical presentations. I’m sharing this with the broader community now, in the hope that it helps you and more importantly to solicit your feedback and comments – that’s the way we ALL learn!

Here we go! And do not forget to comment and leave your questions, thoughts and feedback!

(Please click on the thumbnail below to see the full size view.)

Effective On-stage Tech Presentations mind map 

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