SQL PASS AppDev Virtual Chapter meeting

I’ll be speaking about the SQL Server ScriptDom parser at the PASS AppDev Virtual Chapter meeting this Friday, 1st of November 2013. Here is the session abstract as published on the AppDev VC website:

Session title: DIY: T-SQL Swiss Knife Using the ScriptDOM T-SQL Parser

Abstract: Want to find out how exactly many DELETE statements in your database? Even better, how many of those are missing a WHERE clause? Or maybe you want to check your code for the usage of the COMPUTE clause, but Upgrade Advisor does not help you do so? Or maybe you want to ‘pretty print’ your SQL scripts? Many such requirements can be easily taken care of by using the TransactSql.ScriptDom parser which ships with SQL Server 2012. This session is for DBAs and developers who want to dig DEEP into the T-SQL code with simple C# and PowerShell scripts. And thereby end up making their jobs (and lives) easier!

If you are interested in T-SQL and programming, do join us at Fri, Nov 01 2013 07:00 (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada).

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