Strange issue when enabling AlwaysOn AG feature in SQL 2014

Today I ran into an issue, which eventually turned out to be a really silly thing, but I think it is important that I share the details.

I was trying to install SQL 2014 side-by-side with an already existing SQL 2012 AG setup. Everything went fine till the customary step when I tried to ‘tick the box’ and enable the AG feature for the newly installed SQL 2014 instances. But that was not to be, with the following error dialog (“The AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature requires the x86(non-WOW) or x64 Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2012 (or later version) running on Windows Server 2008 (or later version) with WSFC hotfix KB 2494036 installed.)


The hotfix in question was already installed and most importantly, my SQL 2012 AG was already functional on this cluster. So it was definitely not something with the OS or cluster.

Not to be deterred, I used the PowerShell option, but that failed as well:

PS SQLSERVER:SQLSQL108W2K8R22SQL14> Enable-SqlAlwaysOn
Enable-SqlAlwaysOn : Could not obtain information about SQL Server Service ‘MSSQL$SQL14’.
At line:1 char:19
+ Enable-SqlAlwaysOn <<<<
    + CategoryInfo          : ResourceUnavailable: (MSSQL$SQL14:String) [Enable-SqlAlwaysOn], SqlPowerShellServiceException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ServiceError,Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.PowerShell.Hadr.EnableSqlHADRServiceCommand


Suddenly it dawned upon me that maybe in my haste I had installed an edition of SQL 2014 which did not permit the AG feature. And indeed, it was the Business Intelligence edition that I had installed, which does not permit the usage of AGs.

The cool thing though about SQL 2008 and above is the “Edition Upgrade” feature of the setup, which allows you to easily change editions (provided the upgrade path is allowed – for example you cannot ‘upgrade’ from BI edition to Evaluation) just by entering the correct product key.

The whole edition upgrade thing took just under a minute and after that I was able to successfully enable the SQL 2014 installation for AlwaysOn AGs.

Hope this tip helps someone!

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